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Digital Signage

Digital Signage Style Guide

For creators of digital signage

Content Requirements

A UNI department, program or organization must sponsor content intended for the digital signage system. No commercial or personal announcements are allowed. Announcements must be news or events, not opinion or advertisements.

The digital signage system currently uses PowerPoint slides.

Download PowerPoint templates for digital signage:

white signage template purple signage template

Content must comply with all applicable University of Northern Iowa policies and procedures. The Office of University Relations reserves the right to edit or remove any content, including but not limited to appropriateness of content, spelling, grammar, fonts, official colors, color schemes, image resolution/file size, and any branding or identity conflicts.

Technical Requirements

Remember that most viewers of signage will be reading your content from a distance. Use Arial for your font. Use a bold variety of the font, or choose bold in the formatting palette. Use a font color that has a high contrast to background colors: UNI purple on white, black on white, etc.

  • MINIMUM font size: 36 points.
  • Maximum characters (including spaces between words and paragraphs) per slide: 300

If you use purple and/or gold, use the web colors designated for UNI purple and gold:
UNI web purple: #4b116f
UNI web gold: #ffcc00

The color combinations of black and gold or red and gold should never be used in close proximity to each other. Those are the colors of the University of Iowa and Iowa State University.

There is no need to include the UNI nameplate, it will be applied after the slide is uploaded to the digital signage system.

Please double space between paragraphs.

The optimum viewing time per slide is 6-8 seconds. This gives people enough time to read your message.

If you want signage to appear on participating monitors, it will appear in the top right pane of 3-pane signage.

If you would like University Relations to design your signage, use the form to submit signage content.